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  Inspired by the Eno and SchmidtOblique Strategies, RAY-BAN RAW SOUNDS will be a one-time cooperation, which, Johnny Marr designed five different musical inspiration.
  Contemporary Orchestra - Best Coast, Mona, Au Revoir Simone, Tom Vek places these five different elements of the challenge, as a music inspiration.
  "RAY-BAN RAW SOUNDS from the outset attracted me: to ray ban wayfarer cooperate with the new band, but in an imaginative but not too pompous way to accomplish this unique creative design inspired by five part process. very challenging - these elements require different, but also take into account the far-reaching and inspiring - but the challenge made me enjoy it, "July in Manchester proceeds RAY-BAN RAW SOUNDS shooting Johnny Marr, said.
  "I'm wearing Ray Ban glasses for years ...... with The Smiths The Smiths since ray ban wayfarer sizes her debut since, I have been wearing," he concedes. "In the early 1980s, I worked in a shop in Manchester, then we are the first to sell Ray-Ban eyewear shop. I remember when I also specifically ordered a pair for yourself, you can say I'm wearing mine was Manchester One of those friends niche glasses. "
  In this performances, Johnny Marr will bring its fake ray bans wayfarer newly restructured band The Healers on stage, when the band Best Coast from Los Angeles, and the local band from Nashville, Mona and Au Revoire Simone lineup of DJ support will also be unveiled.
  The show is RAY-BAN RAW SOUNDS three performances in the first stop, and then in November will also perform at the London and Hong Kong.
  Mona is a work called "Jericho" energetic fast-paced songs. Mona influence of musical styles will be taught in large part, the lead singer Nick Brown introduced the Road: On "Johnny's photo" Now discount ray ban wayfarer Look ", and a woman facing each other, the two artists to convey the feeling of trying to outdo each other, which makes I am reminded of the biblical story of Jericho (story of Jericho) - music makes the wall collapsed, giving us the RAY-BAN RAW SOUNDS work brings inspiration. "
  Best Coast's works called "In Your Sleep". Bethany Cosentino introduction, "I was subjected to Johnny's" Now Look! "Inspired by vintage photo camera on a woman staring each other, so I immediately felt a romantic atmosphere. I'm still on the road to listen to" Strum and Drang "guitar loop song, it also affected my creation of this song. "
  Mona's fast-paced and different genre, Au Revoir Simone's work is a fantastic and ethereal song: "How Long". Erika Spring band introduction, "I really love the idea of ??this project! With white ray ban wayfarer other musicians inspired to write a song is really a cool way to communicate, like a random funny ...... this is a solitaire game pieces make wonderful Memorial - some pulsating through the same concept to other artists in the brain, into our songs being. "