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Discount Oakley Sunglasses Online

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Sunglasses lenses currently on the market and production materials are basically the same myopia lenses, glass and resin sheets can be divided into two categories, but the difference between the two processing, glass lens sunglasses are mainly added some special glass material absorption the nature of the metal salt, such as nickel and cobalt discount oakley sunglasses was added as a purple glass lenses, cobalt and copper is added to the blue glass lenses, sunglasses lenses and the resin is mainly used in immersion dyeing method, the lens is soaked in a solution of an organic dye Among colored water, but no matter what kind of sunglasses color rendering must be beneficial to our eyes, then the face of the market, so many colors of sunglasses, we in the end choose which one do?

From the perspective of human physiology, gray, green, oakley sunglasses discount brown eyes were good, too deep too shallow is not good. There are different colored sunglasses feature, please choose their own.

But the color is too dark sunglasses is likely because of the ability to identify poor traffic signal traffic accidents, but the color is too light sunglasses block the sun would not achieve the role that China currently only traffic signal red, green and yellow colors of sunglasses the ability to identify and make strict rules, and no relevant provisions of other colors,discounted oakley sunglasses but there is a trick here small, you may wish to try the selection of sunglasses: that at the time of purchase must try to see the color change in the surrounding environment size, color In general it is a small change in the color of sunglasses is more appropriate.

Many people think that the darker the lens sunglasses UV protection, in fact, is not anti-UV sunglasses with mirror shades nothing to do with the production of materials oakley discount sunglasses related to the lens, if the sunglasses in the production of added UV material, then it is Sunglasses with UV protection functions, such as a mirror when the general sale has UV logo, but due to the current process constraints, sunglasses UV protection can reach up to 97%, failed to reach 100 percent, so when you look at Sunglasses UV100% identity to have is actually a misnomer; the judge whether the anti-UV sunglasses, in addition to its presence or absence of UV logo, but you can not even see the edges of the lens frame is not smooth, smooth edges for resin the material of the lens, this lens UV powerful, wavy edges of the lens material is generally glass lenses, this lens is not only anti-ultraviolet function is poor, discount oakley sunglasses online but also prone degrees during installation, to our eyes is harmful .