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  Protection from UV radiation is helpful to protect the eyes from cataract like conditions, like macular degeneration of basal cell carcinoma and skin cancer - at the beginning of the upper eyelid skin around the melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma.
  It is difficult to avoid the sun, but it is easy ray ban sunglasses outlet to be wear sunglasses to protect your eyes right, which is based on by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) guidelines labeled anti ultraviolet. In the purchase of sunglasses for ANSI tags and check the color of the lens determines the anti ultraviolet. The lens has a different color can help you see better, so a quick check with a doctor working in the Department of Ophthalmology can be of great help.
  "Sunglasses only outdoors"
  Sunglasses must use only outdoors. Who ray ban outlet store work long hours were required in outdoor Sunglasses UV damage to the eyes is slow, accumulation of a person's life. Those who are close to the equator, the higher elevations are often exposed to sunlight or to have a higher risk of developing related eye diseases in the noon sun. Damage to the eyes is not in the first ten years of life in. Therefore, the protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays must correctly from practice.
  Dr. Rachna Kumar, consultant, Department of Ophthalmology and adults with strabismus, explained at the Apollo hospital, "sunglasses in summer, in the outdoor UV radiation levels three times higher than ray ban sunglasses outlet online in winter. Similarly, they need in the sea, but also for those who indulge in high-altitude winter sports. Dark glass lenses, they cannot be worn indoors by increasing the sensitivity of the eyes to the glasses vision and deep more sensitive to light your eyes get. Indoor use can lead to eye fatigue. "
  "You must avoid caused by stimulation of the lens"
  Ability to ultraviolet filtering are tinted glasses are good. Department of Ophthalmology experts pointed out, sunglasses people who received cataract operation, LASIK operation and also those who ray ban sunglass outlet suffer from diseases as conjunctivitis, uveitis, those who have eyes, so that they are afraid of light.
  Dr. P., the katana, doctor working in the Department of ophthalmology in Salo Jinide dimension Department of ophthalmology hospital said, "because they protect your eyes from the snow mountain sunglasses at higher altitudes. Sunglasses for people in tropical countries, such as India is very useful. Let your eyes be comfortable wearing sunglasses, this is very important. We usually find some shots, causing irritation, if this is the case, they must be avoided. "
  In India City, sunglasses, not only from the sun's cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet ultraviolet rays but also from external allergens and carbon particles, protection from vehicle exhaust pipe.
  Bynum said, "Two Wheeler riders often found all kinds of allergic diseases caused by pollution of the hit in the eye. Sometimes, small insects will stay in their eyes, especially in the night. Sunglasses provide protection the environment stimulation. "

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