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Michael Kors Bags Canada Outlet Online

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Michael Kors has lost its position as one of the coolest brands in the fashion industry.
The company's share price underperformance, leading to michael kors bags canada Morgan Stanley analyst Michael Kors deleted in its "best ideas" list.

Shares fell 37% in the past year.

Enjoy the amazing Michael Kors rising popularity in recent years because of its stylish handbags and watches. But growth has slowed recently, the company reported weak michael kors canada outlet online future prospects.

So, what went wrong?

Widely popular is the "death of trendy fashion brands, especially those targeted at the high-end market, young consumer industry kiss," industry expert Robin Lewis wrote in his blog. Compare Michael Kors Lewis Tommy Hilfiger, michael kors handbags outlet canada which reached its peak in the late 1990s.

Michael Kors is considered to be an ideal brand, and consumers pay a premium for their label. Once everyone has a product that is no longer considered cool.

Experienced this phenomenon, other brands including Juicy Couture brand, JORDACHE and coaches.

Michael Kors also has several brands at different price points, michael kors canada sale which is likely to be counterproductive strategy, Lewis said. Coles has a high-end department stores, brand stores, mid-market brand and brand discount outlet stores.

Michael Kors rise, because of its popular handbags.
"Some would say that all of these segments will end up competing with each other, and thus erode the top of the spectrum," he wrote.

In other words, consumers will michael kors canada online not pay $ 30 a Michael Kors bag in a department store, they can get a half price at the outlet mall.