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  Of course you discount ray bans can wear sunglasses block glare light, but there are a lot of taboos. Many car LCD screens are advanced equipment, such as GPS, cassette players and so on. And now the sunglasses, especially polarizer, to light shade is particularly high, the driver in the car with sunglasses, it is easy to see the content shown above, especially in the time needed to find a way to navigate. In addition, there are some traffic lights now LED discount ray ban wayfarer screen, bring sunglasses look after, become very pale color. In particular, some people have a color deficiency, easier to distinguish green and red lights produce for misreading.
  The biggest problem is that all of a sudden into the tunnel under the summer sun, a lot of drivers have this experience, eyes dark. This is because the eye can not quickly adapt to dramatic contrast of light, it is recommended that end Expert:
  Before taking the tunnel discount ray ban wayfarer sunglasses ahead of sunglasses. Have a "front of the tunnel" prompt on the high-speed, high-grade highways, drivers have plenty of time in advance to remove sunglasses. Meanwhile, before the tunnel opened ahead of schedule the next best lights. If in the city, usually tunnels have lights, but the light intensity ranging from some relatively dark tunnel, the best light show wide open, that is, we often say little lights.
  Blink before the tunnel ahead. In the tunnel at the moment, and the situation is similar into the tunnel, will suddenly produce visual about two seconds slow - because the light suddenly becomes stronger, it will cause a rapid contraction of the pupil, blinded. At this time, there is a little trick: the driver can blink more before the discounted ray ban sunglasses tunnel, so the pupil will naturally shrink some, experiencing sudden light stimulation, can adapt to this change reduced. Or does not affect driving, ensure safety, the hole before dark glasses required.
  Glasses sometimes easy to create the right rear or left rear vision blind. When the vehicle is cornering, or when road congestion, not to completely rely on the rearview mirror, but also because there are blind spots in the rear view mirror. The best way is to be the first turning left and right, according to multiple windows to see discount ray ban sunglasses inside other objects to determine the orientation.